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Our dragonfly pins are proving very popular!
Here we have listed the ways you can get your hands on one:

They are £5 each, make great gifts.

Birch Bark Illustration and Design kindly designed the pins for free.
You can buy them directly from Birch Bark using the link below:
Click here to buy online

You can email us at: and we will try and arrange a time and place to get one to you!

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Risley Moss Tower Replacement; a straw poll.

The Tower, as it once stood in all it’s glory.

We at RIMAG where wondering what would be the best structure to replace the Tower  at the reserve.  But then we thought what do the local people want to see and what would best serve their needs.  So we would like your input. Do you have a drawing or suggestion as to what could replace the tower to best utilse and enhance the view?

Any Ideas can be e-mailed to us at

Thanks you any input will be greatly received and put forward to the council as to what the public would like to see.

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George Pilkington Talks

George Pilkington; What’s Killing our Bees? 

Red Mason Bees (Osima bicomis)


Sunday 18th June                                 11:00pm to 12:30pm

This is the Forth in a series of talks by naturalist George Pilkington.

Find out how you can attract wildlife to your garden

Cost – £3 per person – Includes light refreshments

George is kindly donating any money generated

to the Risley Moss Green Safari Fund

Places limited – please book in advance on 01925 824339

or email the rangers at


Meet: Risley Moss Visitor Centre


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Garden Bumble Bees George Pilkington 11/03/17 11am

Garden Bumble Bees

Saturday 11th March

Risley Moss Local Nature Reserve

11.00am – 12.30pm

A talk by local expert George Pilkington on the ecology of bumble bees, their pests and his own innovative bumble bee nest boxes

Cost – £3 per person – Includes light refreshments

George is kindly donating any money generated to the Risley Moss Green Safari Fund

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Risley Moss Fungal Foray 09/10/16



Sunday 9th October 2016

Tom Ferguson


Basket of fungi collected on foray Sunday 9th October 2016
Basket of fungi collected on foray Sunday 9th October 2016



The foray took place at Risley Moss near Warrington which is an SSSI managed by the ranger service of Warrington Borough Council with voluntary support from the local community Action Group. The main part of the site is the former Lancashire mossland which is being restored to its former glory. However the foray took place within the predominantly Birch woodland which surrounds the moss

Fifteen people attended the foray including the Chair of the Action Group and two young enthusiasts who were invaluable in searching out fungi from the more impenetrable parts.

Fungi were a bit few and far between but thirty five species were identified. These were used to describe aspects of fungi such as their form, what to look for when identifying them, where they grow, mycorrhiza, the importance of mycorrhiza and their role in the ecological cycle.

The highlights included the Earthstars and Stinkhorn eggs and the BMS Pocket Guide was helpful in revealing what it looked like when mature. These along with the Saddles, Jelly Ear, Stagshorn, Woodwarts  and various brackets helped to demonstrate the great variety of shapes and sizes.

The most dramatic of the gilled fungi were Sulphur Tuft and Glistening Ink-cap which were seen in prufusion bursting out of several decaying tree stumps.

RISLEY MOSS Species list

October 9th 2016

Agaricus (sylvaticus)                                                   Wood mushroom

Annulohypoxylon multiforme                                Birch Woodwart

Auricularia auricula-judaea                                      Jelly Ear

Boletus badius                                                                  Bay Bolete

Chlorociboria aeruginascens                                   Green Elf Cup

Clitocybe (fragrans)                                                        Fragrant Funnel

Clitocybe (metachroa)

Coprinellus micaceus                                                   Glistening Inkcap

Coprinopsis  atramentarius                                      Common Inkcap

Daedalea quercina                                                          Oak Mazegill

Entoloma sp                                                                        Pinkgill

Ganoderma australe                                                      Southern Bracket

Helvella crispa                                                                   Common Saddle

Hypholoma fasciculare                                                  Sulphur Tuft

Inocybe geophylla                                                            White Fibrecap

Laccaria laccata                                                                  The Deceiver

Lacrymaria lacrymabunda                                          Weeping Widows

Lactarius tabidus                                                              Birch Milkcap

Lepiota cristata                                                                 Stinking Dapperling

Lepista flaccida                                                                  Tawny Funnel

Lycoperdon perlatum                                                    Common Puffball

Lyophyllum decastes                                                      Clustered Domecap

Mycena galericulata                                                        Common Bonnet

Mycena vitilis                                                                     Snapping Bonnet

Paxillus involutus                                                             Brown Roll-rim

Phallus impudicus                                                            Stinkhorn

Pholiota squarrosa                                                          Shaggy  Scalycap

Piptoporus betulinus                                                      Birch polypore,                                                                                                                      Razorstrop Fungus

Psathyrella multipedata                                              Clustered Brittlestem

Russula ochroleuca                                                         Ochre Brittlegill

Scleroderma citrinum                                                     Common Earthball

Scleroderma verrucosum                                             Scaly Earthball

Trametes versicolor                                                        Turkeytail

Xylaria hypoxylon                                                            Candle nuff/Stagshorn

Tom Ferguson

10 October 2016

Brackets are most likely but not absolutely certain identifications

Many thanks for Tom for this report on the species seen at risley moss on Sunday and I hope all who attended had a good time and came away with more appreciation of the Fungi around us.

Paul Speake

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RIMAG Winter Work Day Programme for 2016 to 2017

Discussing the work in January 2015
Discussing the work in January 2015

It is getting nearer to hacking and wacking time again!  Mark has identified the dates below that fit with his other commitments.

Sunday 30th October (Clocks go back)

Sunday 27th November

Sunday 18th December

Sunday 22nd January 2017

Sunday 19th February

Sunday 12th March

All events will start at 10:00 at the Visitor Centre. Please have warm, weatherproof clothing and appropriate footwear and a packed lunch. Tools and essential safety gear (e.g. gloves and protective glasses) will be provided.


Phil Rees

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Wildlife Gardening by George Pilkington

Tuesday 14th June

Risley Moss Local Nature Reserve

7.00pm – 8.30pm

This is the third in a series of talks by naturalist George Pilkington.

Find out how you can attract wildlife to your garden

Cost – £2 per person – Includes light refreshments

George is kindly donating any money generated

to the Risley Moss Green Safari Fund

Places limited – please book in advance on 01925 824339

or email the rangers at

Click on the link below for more details

 Wildlife Gardening poster 14th June

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Risley Moss Summer Open Day

(formally Green Safari Day)observation Tower

Sunday 26th June 12:00 to 4:00pm

Come and join us at Risley Moss: there will be lots going on in the woods.  You’ll find displays and demonstrations, games to play, things to buy and stalls with loads of interesting things to see and do.  There will be guided walks out on the moss, one of the rare events when we can take you out to see what lives and crawls about there.

Come and join in the fun and see what the countryside on your doorstop has to offer, watch as carvings evolve from stone or see how the willow can be woven into beautiful and useful objects.  Watch a falconry display, or get down with the creepy crawlies.

£1 for adults and 50p for Children

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RIMAG Workday December 2015


Had a great workday on the moss clearing some trees and gorse from the side of the path towards the centre copse.  The highlight of the day was a peacock (not the one seen in the photo unfortunately, today’s kept taking off as I tried to get close enough to photograph it) on the wing latest I’ve ever seen a butterfly of any description.  Other sightings were two buzzards, a sparrowhawk and a greater black-backed gull.  Phill spotted a brief flight of a water rail whilst Mark supplied some much welcomed mince pies.

Best wishes to all for the festive season.


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Christmas Crafts



Hi to all those who turned up to the Christmas crafts event on Sunday,  It was fantastic to see such a great variety of ideas and creations, each one different.  It was also nice to hear so many stories from people who have come to the event for many years and their reasons for attending.  Thank you all for such an enjoyable session.  A big thank you goes to all who purchased the reindeer to which will go someway to helping pay for the bird feed in the woodland hide this winter.

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