Dragonfly Pins Availabilty

Here are a list of events coming up where it will be possible to purchase these wonderful Dragonfly pins (£5 per pin) with all the profits going towards the Tower Replacement Fund.

26th May at Birchwood Shopping Centre, there will be a  Family Picnic fun day at the micropark

03rd June  We hope to see you all at Birchwood Carnival

and of course the fabulous
01st July  for the Green Safari Day.

The Dragon Fly pins are also available at the Friends Of Birchwood Forest Park Cafe on the days it is open.

You could use the link Enamel Dragon Fly  To purchase online.


Or e mail us at contact@rimag.org.uk and we will try and arrange a tme and place to get one to you.


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Risley Moss Observation Tower Replacement

Here is a link to the long awaited response of the council to what is happening towards replacing the Tower that was destroyed by and act of vandalism last year.

WBC stance regarding replacement tower

See what you think and send us a response are post on the facebook link.  As you can see from the press release this is nothing new to those who have followed this but at least we now have something in writing from Warrington Borough Council.

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