Risley Moss Tower Replacement; a straw poll.

The Tower, as it once stood in all it’s glory.

We at RIMAG where wondering what would be the best structure to replace the Tower  at the reserve.  But then we thought what do the local people want to see and what would best serve their needs.  So we would like your input. Do you have a drawing or suggestion as to what could replace the tower to best utilse and enhance the view?

Any Ideas can be e-mailed to us at contact@rimag.org.uk

Thanks you any input will be greatly received and put forward to the council as to what the public would like to see.

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3 thoughts on “Risley Moss Tower Replacement; a straw poll.”

  1. I hope it is something from which you can see the whole panorama of the area as you could from the original, and hopefully accessible to all including the disabled.

  2. Another tower or sheltered raised platform please. My parents would also agree, although they are not local, when they come to visit me they love going up the tower to birdwatch over the moss. You just can’t see anything from the other moss hide it’s too low down.

  3. We often go to Risley Moss when we visit my parents in Longbarn and have enjoyed the views from the tower many times. I would like to see a raised viewing platform; similar to the one that was so mindlessly destroyed.

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