RIMAG (Risley Moss Action Group)
We are registered charity (No. 1041935).
We have provided community-based support for Risley Moss Nature Reserve for over 30 years.

Status at October 2020

Hello everyone!

The Cov SARS -2 (Covid -19) pandemic has certainly restricted activities since March and continues to have disruptive influences meaning we have all lost touch somewhat. So here is a summary update of where we are now.

Site Access

We are delighted that the site, with the exception of the Visitor Centre and Hides, has been, and continues to be, kept open throughout the period of restrictions. We are very grateful for the efforts of the site Rangers in making all of the necessary arrangements to achieve this.

Unfortunately, the restrictions have meant that it has not been possible to run any public events. However, an increasing number of local residents have taken the opportunity from the site being open to get closer to nature by having a stroll around the site to help reduce the risk of going ‘stir crazy’.

Replacement ‘Tower’

Warrington Borough Council is still negotiating a way forward with the replacement tower, but there is agreement on the proposed location, which is close to the location of the current ‘Mossland Hide’. There are technical issues that prevent the original ‘Tower’ site being re-used. Up to early October 2020 plans were a developing to erect a simpler and less complex structure with the current budget and plans are moving forward.

‘Observation Area’

It is now planned to develop the old ‘Tower’ location as seating and display area that still gives a great panoramic view of the mossland. In discussion with WBC and The Rangers and with the agreement of Dr Paul Thomas from Natural England there are plans to erect metal structure to utilise the original Tower footings.  This would comprise a table with seeting in the centre and a series of information boards round the outside. Illustration from a model constructed by Andy.

Bird Feeding Station

It is not currently possible to use the ‘Woodland Hide’ because of restrictions so we are developing a plan to put feeders behind an open-air ‘screen hide’ alongside the main path in the Oak/Ash woodland so that everyone will have the opportunity to see the birds throughout the Winter.

And finally….

The RIMAG website has not been updated for some time. Suggestions on changes / improvements (e.g. to the ‘Tower’ page) will be very welcome.

Our role is:
Using our charity status to access Funding that is not directly available to Warrington Borough Council (site owners)

  • Supporting the site Rangers in carrying out public events
  • Supporting the site Rangers in carrying out practical conservation tasks
  • Supporting the site Rangers in carrying out wildlife surveys

We believe that Risley Moss is a wonderful place where you can escape from the pressures of day-to-day life, and experience rare habitats and wildlife right on your doorstep.

We will be delighted to see you there!               

We will be even more delighted if you decide to join us!!

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